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Sarah J. McNeal

Author of paranormal, time travel, and western romance

I am originally from the small college town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, but when I was five years old, the weather station closed in the small town where my family lived and we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Except for a couple short stints in Omaha, Nebraska and Killeen, Texas, my home has always been in Charlotte.

I live with my Golden Retriever, Lily, a rescue dog. I am supporter of animal rescue organizations like The Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte, Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society of both Charlotte and the United States, the ASPCA, and conservation groups like the Sierra Club to conserve our natural resources for future generations.

Critical Care nursing has been my lifelong career. I've certainly learned a great deal about the human condition during my years in Coronary Care and Emergency nursing. Some of my experiences taught me the depth of courage and love in the human spirit and, conversely, about the despair and darkness that lingers inside the hearts of some humans. Now that I'm retired from nursing, I can devote my time to writing.

I write in several genres including westerns, paranormal, time travel, and a few contemporary and true life stories. My Wildings series with Prairie Rose Publications and its imprints have become my favorite stories to write. The series started unintentionally with my time travel book, Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride. I wrote a sequel about the young, homeless teenager, Banjo, in Harmonica Joe titled For Love of Banjo, and from there I found I couldn't let go of those delightful Wildings and have recently written many stories about the Wildings and their fellow townsfolk in the fictional town of Hazard, Wyoming. The last story in the Wildings series, I Dream of You, published September, 2018. 

I also write paranormal and fantasy stories. I am working on revisions to The Legends of Winatuke trilogy is about a family in the modern world who travel to a medieval dimension to help their friends defeat the witch-queen of the Dark Isle. Their adventures are fraught with danger, monsters, and romance.

I plan on writing more about my home state of North Carolina including some stories involving the history of this fascinating southern state. I am excited about these future projects and I hope readers enjoy them, too.

Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to browse through my pages and visit my blog here. Your comments are welcome.

Sarah J. McNeal



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